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Water leak detection system used at Gridserve - case study

AquiTron water monitoring system included in the Gridserve electric vehicle forecort in Essex

Britain’s first electric car forecourt in Braintree, Essex has some excellent green credentials including the use…
Multi-zone leak detection in medical environments - case study

Multi-Zone Leak Detection in Medical Environments

For patients requiring dialysis, any delay to treatment can have serious consequences. Without receiving treatment 3-4 times per week, the average life expectancy…
Multi-zone leak detection at 1 America Square, London - case study

Multi-Zone Leak Detection at 1 America Square

Aquilar recently completed a leak detection project on the 8th and 9th floor of 1 America Square London, for the Association of British Insurers. The requirement was…
Avoiding costly water damage in unnoccupied apartments at The Shard - case study

The Shard – How to avoid costly water damage in unoccupied apartments

There is a new and wildly audacious building occupying the London skyline. The Shard has become the new icon for London…
Environmental management - case study

Responsible Environmental Management in the Port of Townsville

High standards for environmental policy, management and monitoring lead to TraceTek® engineers designing a complete…
Avoiding ground water pollution at tank farm - case study

Avoiding ground water pollution at tank farm

TraceTek systems provide early warning of oil leaks into soil. Coast Oil Co., a distributor of gasoline, diesel fuel and lubricants, sought the most effective means of fulfilling its…
Pipe system leak detection solutions from Aquilar Ltd - case study

Pipe systems from small oil ports can pose ecological threats

TraceTek can be more effective than SCADA at detecting oil leaks. Pipelines traversing beaches on Mayotte Island, Tanza…
Hydrocarbon leak detection systems from Aquilar - case study

Early detection of hydrocarbon leaks can avert disaster

TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensors alert emergency response teams quickly! Hydrocarbon leaks into bunds around fuel storage tanks pose an extreme danger and need to be detected…
Fuel leak detection case study from Aquilar

Find that fuel leak and avoid environmental damage!

TraceTek sensing cables can quickly detect concealed fuel leaks. Undetected leaks beneath oil storage tanks pose a major threat to operational safety at oil storage…
HM Treasury - water leak detection system case study

Tracetek Water Leak Detection Installed at HM Treasury – Cabinet War Rooms Museum

Tyco Thermal Controls’ Tracetek Water Leak Detection sensing cables and heat-tracing systems have been installed for fr…
Finding fuel leaks with Aquilar leak detection systems

Finding fuel leaks

Julian Waumsley, of Aquilar, explains how the installation of cable type external leak detection systems can detect fuel leaks beneath the surface of airport taxiways and aprons is almost twice as thick as that needed…
Diesel leak detection from Aquilar Ltd - case study

Diesel leak pollutes town’s water wells! Acid spill injures workers! Undetected solvent leak leads to expensive environmental clean-up!

These are the headlines that you…
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Below are 3 Special Report Studies that may be of interest..



Special Report – Reducing environmental impact in the Education sector

How aquilar helps the education sector reduce their environmental impact and achieve BREEAM credits..

Fuel pipes

Special Report – Detecting the fuel leak hazard

Julian Waumsley considers the environmental and economic cost that can occur from leaking fuel pipes and the current methods available to..

Pipe oil leak

Special report – Diesel leak pollutes town’s water wells!

Acid spill injures workers! Undetected solvent leak leads to expensive environmental clean-up These are the headlines that you never..
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