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Aquilar are a distributor and manufacturer of leak detection equipment and solutions. Detecting leaks of water, fuels, chemicals and refrigerant gas.


Aquilar founded in 2000, soon became the number one partner for the world leading TraceTek leak detection system. Formally invented and manufactured by the Raychem Corporation and then merged into one of the many products and services offered within the Thermal Controls business. Aquilar is a provider of world leading leak detection technologies for detecting leaks of water, fuels, chemicals and refrigerant gas. Aquilar has a highly trained and knowledgeable team, specialising in TraceTek and Aquitron leak detection systems.

Finding that one manufacturer did not offer a solution for all applications, Aquilar embarked on a customer focus programme, talking to many specifying engineers and customers asking what other products were needed. From this, development moved forward and the AquiTron range was created. Even today, R&D continues, creating new products and solutions to solve customers’ challenges and to meet with new and changing standards within the building industry.

Aquilar pride themselves on the level of service provided to their clients. Offering step by step guidance, delivering the most effective solution for each project. A team of dedicated professionals can assist with design support, schematics, technical submittals, quotations, through to delivery of the leak detection system with product support required to complete the project to the highest standard.

Whilst Aquilar do not install leak detection directly, they do have a number of highly trained partner installers around the country that work alongside to ensure that all systems are completed and maintained to the clients specifications. Based in Broadbridge Heath, Horsham, West Sussex, Aquilar also benefits from ample warehouse space to keep good stocks, providing off the shelf systems, even for the largest of projects.

Aquilar has over 20 years’ experience in design support and supplying leak detection systems into almost all markets available e.g. data centres, office buildings, banks, schools, hospitals, fuel storage facilities, laboratories. Aquilar have the right solution for all your leak detection needs. Aquilar have the right solution for all your leak detection needs. For more information on who uses TraceTek, click here.

With the combined technologies of TraceTek and AquiTron, Aquilar have the right solution for all your leak detection needs.


If you have a project that Aquilar can assist with, please call us on + 44 (0)1403 216100

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Raychem’s groundbreaking cable technologies and industry-proven electronic circuitry are an unbeatable combination.

The following website segment details many aspects of TraceTek design:

TraceTek Performance

AquiTron™ is a product of two of Aquilar’s core activities, the customer focus programme and commitment to continuous R & D.

AquiTron™ was developed with technical input from the TraceTek laboratories in California to complement the TraceTek system. The two ranges are fully compatible with each other.

AquiTron™ products include point sensors, refrigerant gas detection equipment, panels for commercial applications, and accessories for TraceTek systems.

Refrigerant Gas Technologies
Probe & Sensor Applications

The global materials science company, (now part of Tyco International), whose technologies have dominated the leak detection industry for decades.

In the construction industries it is one of the best known and respected brand names, with a global reputation for reliability. The Raychem name is soon to be replaced in the leak detection industry, but its technological impact and R & D culture is a lasting legacy.

Raychem’s R&D Legacy
Rebranding Raychem Tracetek

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