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AquiTron is a product of two of Aquilar’s core activities, the customer focus programme and commitment to continuous R & D.

The company maintains close links with specifying M&E consultants, contractors and end-users via networks of field sales representatives and trained partner installers.

The company has personnel with experience of the industry since its inception, that are actively involved in new product development for the TraceTek Group as part of its commitment to Raychem’s R & D legacy.

AquiTron is a range of products developed with technical input from the TraceTek laboratories in California to complement the TraceTek system. The two ranges are fully compatible with each other.

AquiTron products include single and multi zone alarm panels, water detection probes/point sensors, oil and chemical optical sensors, immersion sensors, float switches, remote alarm panels, refrigerant gas detection equipment, and accessories to compliment the TraceTek systems.

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