• Central monitoring of multiple sensors
  • Real-time monitoring
  • User friendly touch screen display
  • Wiring Immune to electrical interference
  • Free wiring topology
  • Scalable
  • Customizable front screen
  • Uses bus powered interface modules
  • BACnet / Ethernet / IP available
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Commissioning form

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The AquiNet Fieldbus Network System is a complete solution for monitoring large numbers of multiple sensing devices via a single touch screen interface, on a simple two-wire bus network.


Central monitoring of multiple refrigerant gas sensors (AT-G-ALERT) can be achieved by fitting a zone module (AT-ZCM) to one of the volt free contacts. Each sensor is then connected, using the open topology wiring configuration, to the centralised AquiNet panel. The built in touch screen with audible alarm will display the status of each connected module. Typically the room and floor number are included on the display for hotel applications.

Using the AquiNet Fieldbus central monitoring system with the AT-G-ALERT refrigerant gas sensors enables designers and installers to comply with the requirements of BS EN378, providing a central audible and visual central alarm system.

The system can also be used to connect multiple water leak detection systems together, such as the AT-SZA/AT-MZA or the EcoLeak range, therefore providing a cost effective centrally monitored leak detection system.

Simple Operation

The AquiNet system consists of a touch screen Graphical User Interface (GUI), a Gateway Controller, Fieldbus Generators and Zone Communication Modules (ZCM).
Each Fieldbus Generator can monitor up to 100 ZCM’s via a two core fieldbus network. ZCM’s can be added to any leak detection device with volt free contacts. When the relay changes state (close or open on alarm), a signal is sent via the network to Fieldbus Generator, which is then converted into a BACnet signal in the Gateway Controller and sent to the touch screen panel. An alarm is sounded and its location is displayed on the screen. A BMS can also be connected to read the status of the connected modules.
Multiple generators can be linked to create very large networks. The GUI can be tailored specifically for the client’s requirements.

AquiNet sample configuration
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