AquiWave – Wireless


Wireless Leak Detection System

AquiWave – Wireless Leak Detection System


Why choose a wireless water leak detection system?

  • AquiWave offers a robust wireless Water* leak detection system
  • Based on proven fire alarm technology which has been tested to rigorous standards, far exceeding standard Wi-Fi systems
  • Reduced installation costs
  • The wireless system creates its own mesh network – doesn’t rely on, or interfere with, incumbent Wi-Fi systems
  • Full real-time duplex communication between devices and panels for total monitoring of all functions, including battery life and two-way control
  • Full real-time duplex communication (sensor and panel have two way communication for improved monitoring, control and communication)
  • Wirelessly control valves, beacons, sounders etc.
  • Expandable – up to 240 devices on a single system
  • Battery back-up as standard. Retains full functionality

*fuels, oils and chemicals can also be detected


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