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Aquilar products and systems that can help achieve BREEAM credits including BREEAM Wat 02, Wat 03 and Pol 01

BREEAM Wat03 Major leak detection AT-WFM

Water meters flanged – Union BREEAM leak detection

WRAS- Aquilar leak detection logo

BREEAM Wat03 Major leak detection application 1

BREEAM Major Water Leak Detection

Wat 03 (Part 1) Water Leak Detection and Prevention
Credits available:

The AquiTron AT-WFM is a pulse water meter, leak monitoring system that has been specifically designed to help achieve the requirements of 2018: 1.0 BREEAM UK New construction (non-domestic buildings).

The AT-WFM system will allow designers, M&E contractors and developers to achieve the ‘Credit’ available to reduce the impact of water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.

All the leak detection water meters and solenoid valves are WRAS-approved.

The system is designed to monitor water flowing through a pulse water meter. If the volume of water reaches the pre-set limit (customer adjustable) the system can isolate the mains water pipe, therefore limiting the amount of water and leak damage.

AT-WFM System: meets BREEAM Wat 03 criteria

The leak detection system is:

  • A permanent automated water leak detection system that alerts the building occupants to the leak OR an inbuilt automated diagnostic procedure for detecting leaks
  • Activated when the flow of water passing through the water meter or data logger is at a flow rate above a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time. This usually involves installing a system which detects higher than normal flow rates at meters or sub-meters. It does not necessarily require a system that directly detects water leakage along part or the whole length of the water supply system
  • Able to identify different flow and, therefore, leakage rates, eg continuous, high or low level, over set time periods. Although high and low level leakage rates are not specified, the leak detection equipment installed must have the flexibility to distinguish between different flow rates to enable it to be programmed to suit the building type and owner’s or occupier’s usage patterns
  • Programmable to suit the owner’s or occupier’s water consumption criteria
  • Where applicable, designed to avoid false alarms caused by normal operation of large water-consuming plant such as chillers

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BREEAM 2018 (Wat 03 Water Leak Detection) New Construction Non-Domestic Buildings

BREEAM Wat03 PIR water shutoff AT-OFC

BREEAM Wat03 PIR sensor AT-OFC

WRAS- Aquilar leak detection logo

BREEAM PIR water shutoff Washroom AT-OFC

BREEAM PIR Automatic WC Water Shut-Off System

Wat 03 (Part 2) Water Leak Prevention System
Credits available:

The Aquitron AT-OFC is a controller, PIR sensor and water solenoid valve system used to isolate the water supply to WC’s when they are not in use, thereby limiting the risk of water wastage and damage from minor water leaks. Both the brass and polyamide leak detection solenoid valves are WRAS-approved.

One credit – flow control devices:
Install flow control devices that regulate the water supply to each WC area or sanitary facility according to demand, in order to minimise undetected wastage and leaks from sanitary fittings and supply pipework.

The system comprises a main controller, ceiling mounted recessed or surface mounted PIR sensor and either a 15mm, 22mm, 28mm, 35mm or 42mm solenoid valve. Up to three valves can be powered by the controller.

The water is shut off to the WCs, washrooms or showers until movement is detected by the PIR therefore minimising the risk of leaks or flooding.

  • Automatic water shut-off when WC area/facility is not in use
  • Reduces the risk of flooding due to accidental damage or vandalism
  • Avoids water wastage if taps left running
  • Ceiling or wall mounted PIR detects the presence of a person entering the area and opens the solenoid valves
  • Toilet and washroom areas with a shared water feed can be controlled via the same controller with up to 10 PIR sensors, allowing either area to be occupied and therefore operating the solenoid valves
  • The AquiTron latching solenoid valves are all powered directly from the AT-OFC controller
  • Auxiliary relay contacts are available to switch on/off the mains for lighting or ventilation in the same room
  • Most existing lighting PIRs can be used with the AT-OFC controller
  • Can be combined with an AquiTron or EcoLeak panel to isolate water leaks to tea points and kitchens

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Water meters BREEAM leak detection

Water meters flanged BREEAM leak detection

BREEAM Water Monitoring

Wat 02 Water Monitoring
Credits available:

Aim: To ensure water consumption can be monitored and managed, and therefore encourage reductions in consumption.

The AquiTron AT-WFM controller can be combined with a range of WRAS approved water meters that archive Wat 02 BREEAM credits. This is achieved as the WFM controller has a built in pulse output that can be remotely connected to the BMS to provide a the water flow volumes.

BREEAM award one credit based on this criteria:

  • The specification of a water meter on the mains water supply to each building; this includes instances where water is supplied via a borehole or other private source
  • Water-consuming plant or building areas, consuming 10% or more of the building’s total water demand, are either fitted with easily accessible sub-meters or have water monitoring equipment integral to the plant or area (see Compliance notes). This applies to recycled water, such as rainwater, greywater or process water, as well as mains water
  • Each meter (main and sub) has a pulsed or other open protocol communication output to enable connection to an appropriate utility monitoring and management system, e.g. a building management system (BMS), for the monitoring of water consumption (see BREEAM site Relevant definitions)
  • If the refurbishment zone is within a site that has an existing BMS, managed by the same occupier/owner (as the space undergoing refurbishment or fit-out), the pulsed/digital water meter(s) for the refurbishment or fit-out zone must be connected to the existing BMS
  • If the refurbishment or fit-out zone is within a building that is leasehold, the pulsed/digital water meter(s) for the refurbishment or fit-out zone must be connected to the incoming water supply for water using equipment in tenanted areas (see compliance note)

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Refrigerant gas leak detection Chiller room

Refrigerant gas leak detection ACU

BREEAM Pol 01 Office leak detection

BREEAM Pol 01 Refrigerant Gas Leak Detection

Pol 01 Impact of Refrigerant
Credits available:

A BREEAM Pol 01 credit may be achieved by installing an AquiTron refrigerant gas leak detection system within your building.

The AquiTron range of refrigerant gas leak detection systems has been designed to help achieve the requirements of BREEAM 2011 (BRE Environmental Assessment Method).

To conform to BREEAM 2018.01 requirements, the AquiTron AT-SRG and AT-MGS permanently installed multi-point refrigerant leak detection systems utilise infra-red, semi-conductor or electro-chemical type of sensors to continuously monitor the atmosphere in the vicinity of refrigeration equipment..

The systems have been used on many completed BREEAM projects and achieved the credit. Most commonly associated with detection within building’s chiller plant rooms, offices, computer rooms and the base of refrigerant pipework risers, plus any internal air conditioned areas.

Can also be successfully used for external condensers and plant when sensors are installed within the compressor housing on chillers, air handling equipment or condensing units.

System features:

  • Single and multi-point sensors
  • Sensor suitable for positioning at low level within the occupied space
  • Sensor technologies used ‘semi-conductor, infra-red, aspirated’ are all on the approved BREEAM 2018; 01 listing

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BREEAM 2018 (POL 01 Impact of Refrigerants) New Construction Non-Domestic Buildings

For more information on compliance systems and specific compliance statements please contact us

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