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We are hiring at Aquilar

WE ARE HIRING! Trainee Estimator Required

Company: Aquilar are a market leader in providing leak detection solutions to a wide range of companies and industry sectors ranging from commercial buildings for data centres, office buildings, banks,... read more →
Aquilar is BIM ready for water, fuel and refrigerant leak detection systems

We are BIM ready

Aquilar is supporting the new era of digital modelling that will enable the construction industry to design leak detection systems with greater clarity, more foresight and build with greater accuracy... read more →
Not all leaks can be seen - do you have a leaky loo?

Not all leaks can be seen!

Leaky loos in homes and business amount to the largest single area that regularly leaks water. About 5% of all homes in the UK and 29% of businesses have a... read more →
How to find a water leak. Sonic from Aquilar.

How to find a water leak

Water leaks are easy to detect, right?  You’ll come home to water leaking all over the floor or a steady stream of drips from the ceiling. Unfortunately, it’s not always that... read more →