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Aquilar Limited – Providing world leading systems for leak detection in critical industrial and commercial environments

Aquilar is a provider of world leading leak detection technologies, providing the appropriate installation design and support.

Aquilar has a highly trained and knowledgeable team, specialising in TraceTek and Aquitron leak detection systems.

This website guides you through commercial or industrial applications to illustrate common configurations and layouts.

Browse Leak Detection products, download datasheets, check product news, see case studies and submit your enquiries.

If you need help or are unable to find what you are looking for, click here to email or call us on + 44 (0) 1403 216100

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What Can Aquilar Offer?

Detection of water leaks within commercial buildings such as:

  • Data Centres
  • High Rise Multi-Tenanted Offices
  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Schools and Hospitals

BREEAM - Aquilar products to help achieve credits for:

  • WAT3 – Major water leak detection & prevention (Pulsed Water Meters and Programmable Controllers)
  • POL1 – Impact Of Refrigerants (Fixed Refrigerant Gas Detection Systems)

Detection of hydrocarbons (diesel, petrol, aviation fuel, crude oil) for:

  • Petrochemical industries, hazardous areas, airports, refineries and fuel storage sites
  • Commercial generator sets and tank rooms

Detection of acids, bases and solvents for:

  • Laboratories
  • Semi-Conductor Fabrication
  • Power Plants

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Alarm Panels

Aquilar alarm panels provide efficient monitoring of sensing devices used for detecting leaks of water, fuel oil and chemicals. Whatever the application, an alarm panel can be provided to suit your leak detection needs.

As well as including products that can pinpoint multiple leaks (such as TTDM-128) and monitor multiple sensing zones (such as AT-MZA) our range also includes alarm panels with time delay functions (such as TTC-1) and the possibility to connect directly to BMS, PLC and building management systems (such as TT-SIM-1).


Liquid Sensing Devices

Aquilar has a wide range of liquid sensing cables and probes suitable for a variety of different Commercial and Petrochemical applications.

From fuel and oil specific cables (such as TT5000) to products that can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees C (such as TT3000), Aquilar provides effective solutions that you can rely on.

Aquilar detection for refrigerants, toxic and combustible gases

Refrigerant, toxic & combustible gas detection

Aquilar supplies leak detection systems for refrigerants, toxic and combustible gases with its Aquitron AT-MGS-400 series gas detectors including a range of gas sensors, detectors and alarm control panels. This can all be easily configured and set-up with the MGS-400 Companion App for easy monitoring. Applications include data centres, machinery rooms, hotel rooms, apartments and occupied spaces.

Aquilar - Leak detection solutions


Our range of leak detection accessories assists in efficiently alerting personnel to a leak via audible and visual alerts, as well as ensuring continued leak detection in case of power failure (such as AT-PSU24-1).

Other product functions include automatically calling an engineer / external contractor when an alarm is activated (such as AT-SD) and activating specific actions using relays in correspondence to alarms in different zones (such as TT-NRM).

Aquilar Products for BREEAM

Aquilar’s range of products can help you to meet BREEAM requirements as well as achieving corporate and organisational environmental objectives. By installing Aquilar products for BREEAM, you can earn BREEAM credits. These products reduce the risk and impact of undetected water leaks and reduce the level of greenhouse gas emissions arising from the leakage of refrigerants from air conditioning systems.
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    Case Studies

    See examples of Aquilar’s past leak detection projects in the Case Studies and Special Reports section. Here you can find examples of completed leak detection installations for both commercial and petrochemical applications, as well as reports on the negative environmental impact of water and fuel leaks.

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    You can find a vast array of information to download from this website to assist you in the planning and installation of leak detection solutions. You can also find datasheets for individual products as well as videos, brochures and operation & maintenance information.

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