BREEAM AquiTron AT-WFM Automatic Water Shut-Off Valve

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Aquilar Products and Systems such as automatic water shut-off valves can help achieve BREEAM credits

BREEAM WAT03 major leak detection AT-WFM


Solenoid Valve water shutoff leak detection

Butterfly Valve water shutoff leak detection

BREEAM Wat03 Major leak detection application 2
BREEAM Major Water Leak Detection – Automatic Water Shut-off Valve

Wat 03 (Part 1) Water leak detection and Prevention
Credits available: 1

The AquiTron AT-WFM is a major leak detection system that has been specifically designed to help achieve the requirements of 2018: 1.0 BREEAM UK New construction (non-domestic buildings).

The AT-WFM system will allow designers, M&E contractors and developers to achieve the ‘credit’ available to reduce the impact of water leaks that may otherwise go undetected.

The system is designed to monitor water flowing through a pulse water meter. If the volume of water reaches the pre-set limit (customer adjustable) the system can isolate the mains water pipe, therefore limiting the amount of water and leak damage.

System features:

  • One system can be used to monitor the site boundary and within the building
  • Mains water pipes ranging from 15mm to 200mm
  • Programmable for different flow (leakage) rates
  • Two levels of monitoring (e.g. occupied and unoccupied building)
  • Programmable time periods to determine alarm levels
  • Automatic setting of alarm levels via a door entry or intruder alarm
  • Two automatic water shut-off valves can be connected to the AT-WFM controller
  • Built-in pulse output for BMS and remote flow monitoring
  • Meets BREEAM Wat 03 (Part 2) requirements
  • The same type of water meters can also be used for sub-metering and used to help achieve BREEAM Wat 02

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AquiTron AT-WFM Product leaflet
AquiTron Water Flow Monitor (AT-WFM) Datasheet
AquiTron Water Flow Monitor (AT-WFM) Installation & Operation Instructions
AquiTron Latching Brass Solenoid Valve (AT-V-B) Datasheet
AquiTron Butterfly Valve (AT-V) Datasheet
AquiTron Ball Valve (AT-BV) Datasheet
AquiTron Brass Water Meter With Unions (AT-WM-U) Datasheet
AquiTron Flanged Water Meter (AT-WM-F) Datasheet
Pre-Commissioning Checklist

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BREEAM 2018 (Wat 03 Water Leak Detection) New Construction Non-Domestic Buildings

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The BRE Group ‘BREEAM’ do strive for continual innovation and as a result, set criteria to achieve credit points may change. Please contact one of the Aquilar estimating team [email protected] or visit for the latest information.

Configuration examples

Typical WAT03 BREEAM System

BREEAM system config Wat03 Major leak detection

Typical system including a solenoid valve

BREEAM system config Wat03 Major leak detection

BREEAM Compliance notes
Mains supply shut-off
There is no requirement for the leak detection system to shut off the water supply when the alarm is triggered (constant water supply may still be required for certain systems/operations).
1. A leak detection system which is capable of detecting a major water leak on the mains water supply within the building and between the building and the utilities water meter.
Aquilar confirm compliance using the AT-WM system
2. The leak detection system is:
a. Audible when activated.
b. Activated when the flow of water passing through the water meter/data logger is at a flow rate above a pre-set maximum for a pre-set period of time.
c. Able to identify different flow and therefore leakage rates, e.g. continuous, high and/or low level, over set time periods.
d. Programmable to suit the owner/occupiers’ water consumption criteria.
e. Where applicable, designed to avoid false alarms caused by normal operation of large water-consuming plant such as chillers.

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