BREEAM Water Monitoring

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BREEAM Water Monitoring

BREEAM Water Monitoring
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BREEAM Water Monitoring

Wat 02 Water Monitoring
Credits available: 1

Aim: To ensure water consumption can be monitored and managed, and therefore encourage reductions in consumption.

The AquiTron AT-WFM controller can be combined with a range of WRAS approved water meters that archive Wat 02 BREEAM credits. This is achieved as the WFM controller has a built in pulse output that can be remotely connected to the BMS to provide a the water flow volumes.

What’s needed?

To demonstrate compliance with BREEAM Wat 02 requirements:

  • A water meter is to be supplied to the mains water supply to each building. This includes instances where water is supplied via a borehole or other private source
  • The water meter is to have to pulsed output to enable connection to a Building Management System (BMS) for the monitoring of water consumption

To achieve an innovation credit for BREEAM Wat 02 the following exemplary level criteria is to be followed:

  • Sub meters are to be fitted to allow the metering of individual water consuming plant or building areas, where demand in such areas will be equal to or greater than 10% of the total water demand of the building
  • Each sub meter has a pulsed output to enable connection to a BMS for the monitoring of water consumption

If your project has a significant quantity of sub-metering, then a connection to a BMS/energy monitoring and management system would be very beneficial. In many larger scale projects this tends to be automatically incorporated by designers into the design.

For smaller buildings or in some other cases there can be no or little benefit of additional water consumption sub-metering.

If you have already incorporated a system like the AT-WFM for Wat 02 (part 1) compliance, then this controller already has a built in pulse output and this will help achieve wat 02 (part 2) credit.

What can we offer?

  • Mains water pipes ranging from 15mm to 200mm
  • All WRAS approved
  • AT-WFM controller with 2 pulsed output that can be monitored by the BMS

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AquiTron Water Flow Monitor (AT-WFM) DatasheetAquiTron Water Flow Monitor (AT-WFM) Installation & Operation Instructions
AquiTron Brass Water Meter With Unions (AT-WM-U) Datasheet
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The BRE Group ‘BREEAM’ do strive for continual innovation and as a result, set criteria to achieve credit points may change. Please contact one of the Aquilar estimating team [email protected] or visit for the latest information.

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