Water Leak Detection

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Water, in the right place, is our most important commodity but water leaks, in the wrong place at the wrong time, can damage a business in a big way.

What seems like an insignificant problem can cost millions when it comes to lost computer data, downed telecommunications switches, damaged files, and ruined works of art or water-soaked rare books. Personnel safety can be threatened by roof leaks in buildings or by fire from water-caused electrical short circuits.

Water leak detection has become high up on the list of priorities for many companies and Aquilar is a World leader in the supply and installation of equipment for the detection of water, chemical, oil and refrigerant gas leaks. At the heart of the Aquilar system is TraceTek TT1000 and TT1100-OHP water leak sensing cable. Every centimetre of the rugged, fire rated cable is sensitive to water and when water comes into contact with the cable, even a few millilitres, the system is able to detect the leak AND report the location (digital system only). The detection cable can be installed in any length from a few metres in a drip tray to hundreds of metres around the perimeter of an office area. Typical applications in office buildings include the monitoring of fan-coil units around the edge of the building’s office floors, detectors surrounding the central utility core on each floor of the building and dedicated monitoring of leaks in electrical switch gear rooms, server rooms, network communication rooms etc.

Sensing cables can be monitored by inexpensive alarm modules with simple audible and visual alarms through to large digital networked systems for complex installations in high rise buildings.

Even when salvaging and repairs are possible, it is typically a time-consuming and expensive undertaking. That’s why many insurance companies are now insisting on the installation of leak detection systems and why consulting engineers are specifying them.

A water detection system is like an insurance policy: you spend a little money now to protect yourself from a serious expense in the future. Unfortunate situations are still too common and TraceTek from Tyco Thermal Controls is still the best preventive measure to be taken.

TraceTek developed water sensing cable has passed the most rigorous of examinations and has been at the cutting edge of distributed sensing detection for decades, protecting tens of thousands of locations around the globe with their water leak detection technology.

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