Oil Leak Detection

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Legislative regimes in Europe lag far behind those of the USA. For example, in some states it will soon be mandatory for pipelines to be cable protected, and the financial consequences of a leak or spill on an unprotected facility will be enormously punitive. Oil leak detection will become a priority.

Measures such as these, for all aspects of fuel and hydrocarbon processing, storage and transportation, are inevitably making their way across to Europe.

Aquilar is committed to playing its part in preparing the oil-related industries for this legislation. Drawing on TraceTek worldwide applications experience and Raychem R & D legacy, the company is committed to being at the leading edge of leak detection technology. By developing “built-in” design solutions for oil leak and spill monitoring and detection, customer costs can be kept to a minimum.

TraceTek oil sensing cable is being laid to cover pipelines and storage facilities around the globe. Linked by cellular and satellite communications using solar generated electric power, TT5000 and TT500-HUV, is used to monitor pipelines and other remote locations. By contrast, installations to monitor the re-fuelling systems at international airports are in response to the potential risk to personnel as much as to the environment.

TraceTek cable technology ensures that even a teaspoon-sized leak is detected and located to within a foot or a metre, with better than 0.1% accuracy.

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