Chemical Leak Detection

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If your business involves the use of chemicals or hazardous waste, the protection of your people, processes, assets and the environment is your responsibility and concern which means that chemical leak detection is a priority.

Danger to life and property apart, clean-up operations and downtime can be expensive, litigious and damaging to your reputation. You may have only one chance to provide early detection and warning of a catastrophic chemical leak.

Acids, bases and aqueous chemical leakage detection and monitoring can all be taken care of by the installation of Tracetek and Aquitron monitoring cables and sensors. TraceTek cable technology will give you the appropriate level of aqueous chemical leak protection plus water, oil and refrigerant gas detection equipment can also be installed as a combined full leak detection system.

Detection of chemicals such as acids, bases and other water based hazardous fluids are detected by TT3000 sensing cables. Organic solvents are detected by the TT5001 sensing cables and strong acids are detected by TT7000 and TT7000-HUV sensing cable.

TraceTek design delivers a radiation cross-linked cable that is chemically resistant and mechanically strong, capable of detecting the smallest of leaks. When linked to TraceTek electronic circuitry it is capable of reporting its exact position to the nearest metre with better than 0.1% accuracy.

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