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Aquilar Limited - Providing world leading systems for leak detection in critical industrial and commercial environments

Aquilar is a provider of world leading leak detection technologies, providing the appropriate installation design and support.

Aquilar has a highly trained and knowledgeable team, specialising in Tyco’s TraceTek and Aquitron leak detection systems.

This website guides you through commercial or industrial applications to illustrate common configurations and layouts.

Browse Leak Detection products, download datasheets, check product news, see case studies and submit your enquiries.

What can Aquilar offer?

Detection of water leaks within commercial buildings, such as -

Detection of acids, bases and solvents for

  • Laboratories, Semi-Conductor Fabrication and Power Plants.

  • Aquilar has a wide range of water, fuel, chemical and gas sensors. Combined with a suitable alarm panel, can provide reliable, accurate and rapid leak detection solutions.