AT-MPS-R Mini Water Sensing Probe

Liquid Sensing Devices

EL-MPS-R Mini Probe (water sensing)


  • Low point water leak detection probe.
  • Compact size ideally suited for small shallow locations.
  • Low profile design.
  • Detection between 1.5 & 2mm depth of water (can be adjusted to 0.9mm).
  • Dries quickly after been removed from water.
  • AT-MPS for use only with AquiTron series of panels.
  • AT-MPS-R for use only with EcoLeak series of panels.


Primarily designed for small area detection in locations such as tea points, kitchens, washing machines, bathrooms, below showers and cisterns, within boiler rooms, bunded areas and drip trays.

The AquiTron™ AT- MPS-R is a cost effective solution for low point water leak detection and is compatible with EcoLeak liquid leak detection alarm modules.

The AT-MPS-R incorporates a two track printed circuit board detection surface located on the base of the housing. The compact size and its low height profile make it ideally suited for small shallow locations.

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