Shower / WC Areas

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Shower / WC Areas

The Threat

Showers and WC’s are a potential risk to other areas within the building as there are usually a number of water services with high volumes of water running through them.

In most cases, a shower or WC will only need covering if they are above or adjacent to a room that is a high risk such as a data centre, comms room or server room.

However, it is also a possibility, that they will need covering purely because of the volumes of water and the potential damage that could be caused to the building due to a large leak.

The Solution

The recommended method of leak detection is usually for a length of TT1000 to be installed in the floor void around the perimeter of the room. For areas such as this a single zone alarm panel is usually adequate as a leak can be spotted quickly, however if there are other areas that need covering a multi zone alarm or digital system (AT-MZA/ TTDM) would be more appropriate.

WC cisterns can be fitted with AT-350A overflow sensors to detect high water levels and monitored by local single or multi zone alarm panels.


TT1000 water sensing cable installed within raised floor below sink units and showers.

Electrical riser protected with TT1000 water sensing cable

AT-350 toilet overflow sensor screwed into the top of a cistern.

AT-350 toilet overflow sensor

AT-350 toilet overflow sensor fitted to a porcelain cistern in an accessible toilet.

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