• Kitchen Cooking


The Threat

Kitchens are a risk as there are usually a number of water services supplied to a relatively small area. In most cases, a kitchen will only need covering if it is above or adjacent to a room that is a high risk, such as a comms or electrical equipment room.

The Solution

Lengths of TT1000 installed under the kitchen units where the pipe work is located or in the floor void around the perimeter of the room.

For smaller areas that need covering, the AT-PROBE placed under pipework is suitable. Alternatively the TT1100-OHP can be attached directly to any water pipework that needs monitoring. This is very similar to TT1000 but it has an overbraid that allows any water from the pipes to be caught by a wicking effect so that the leak can be detected.

Zonal panels are ideal as digital pinpoint location is not necessarily required for smaller areas.

TT1000 sensing cable

TT1000 sensing cable fitted within the raised floor of a kitchen.


Sensing cable or probes can be fitted at high or low level.

Water sensing probe

Water sensing probe fitted in kitchen unit next to water heater.

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