SONIC plumber’s guide

Sonic plumber’s installation guide

For Sonic Ultrasonic Water Leak Detection Automatic Shut-Off Valve / System

Please take a look through the step-by-step installation instructions and guide videos below

1. Locate the main valve

Locate the property’s existing shut-off valve on the main cold water supply pipe. Sonic should be installed downstream, as close as possible to the existing shut-off valve, before any branches or appliances (except fire-suppression sprinklers).

If the property is fitted with a fire-suppression sprinkler system, Sonic MUST BE INSTALLED DOWNSTREAM OF THE SYSTEM to ensure the sprinklers will operate normally in an emergency. Sonic is only for use with cold water systems.

2. Check direction of flow

Before you begin the installation, double-check the direction of flow. The flow of water must match the arrow indicators on the Sonic unit itself.

3. Check the space

Make sure there’s enough space for Sonic’s lever arm to fully open and close. You’ll typically need a space at least 25cm wide, 12cm tall and 10cm deep. Remember to factor in space for adaptors if required.


4. Using mains power

If you’d like to operate Sonic on mains power (230Vac, 1ph), use the plug in PSU provided and check the distance to the nearest available power socket (max 1.5mtr).

5. Close the main valve and drain the pipe system

Close the property’s existing shut-off valve (stopcock) and remove as much water from the system as possible. The shut-off valve may have its own drain valve or you can run taps and flush toilets until the flow stops.

If water continues to flow indefinitely, the existing stop tap may not be capable of totally isolating the incoming supply. You may need to turn off the mains supply in the road outside (after checking that the property doesn’t share a main with its neighbours).

6. Check the pipe diameter

Double-check that the compression couplers will work with the property’s existing plumbing.

The suggested compression fitting is Compression Straight Tap Connector 22mm X ¾” with washer included.

Alternative size that can be used are 15mm X ¾”. Max pipe size is 28mm.

A 22-28mm plumbing adaptor will be required.

Do not use sealing compounds such as Boss White or PTFE tape.

7. Cut the pipe

Carefully cut the pipe with your pipe cutter and remove a large enough section to accommodate the Sonic unit and compression couplers. You’ll typically need to remove at least 21cm of pipe. Clean and deburr the ends as normal, then terminate the appropriate compression couplers onto the pipe.

8. Install the Sonic unit

Position Sonic in the space you’ve created and tighten the nuts onto each end of the unit, taking care to avoid cross-threading.

We always recommend fitting brackets on either side of the Sonic unit for extra stability and to avoid any strain on the unit.

Do not over-tighten. Max torque setting as detailed in the instruction sheet.

9. Open the original shut-off valve and test for leaks

Open the property’s original shut-off valve and observe if there are any leaks, repair as necessary.

10. Your Sonic is now installed

You have successfully installed Sonic. Let the property owner or Smart Home Integrator know they should launch the Sonic app on a smartphone and follow the steps to get started.

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