Below Ground Pipeline

Below Ground Pipeline

The Threat

Undetected leaks from buried pipes expose fuel companies to untold costs and unnecessary liability every year. If a leak occurs, companies are faced with expensive repair and clean-up costs.

Locating where to expose the damaged pipe and the disruption this can cause, pushes the costs even higher. Environmental issues are also an important factor. Local regulatory penalties, especially where drinking water is threatened, could easily exceed the repair and clean-up costs.

At the very least, the company’s reputation as a good neighbour will suffer, potentially threatening future community goodwill and support.

The Solution

TraceTek TT5000 and TT5000-HS sensing cables can be installed in slotted PVC conduit to detect and locate fuel or oil leaking into the soil beneath buried pipes.

The cable itself is the sensor and every point along its length is capable of detecting the presence of liquid hydrocarbon fuels.

In combination with TraceTek instrumentation and industry standard telemetry solutions, it is possible to know when a leak develops and to identify the location of the leak to +/- metre accuracy.

A variety of electronics to suit ATEX, SIL2 and Baseefa certification is available.

Pipes underground
Old pipes

TT5000 and TT5000-HS installed within a slotted conduit next to the buried fuel pipes.

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