Risers / Lift Pits / Duct

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Risers / Lift Pits / Duct

The Threat

Risers can be at risk of a water leak as they often contain water pipe work. They may also contain data or electrical services. Any pipework leaks could interfere with other services and possibly the rest of the building. Lift pits, although there is not usually any water pipe work present, are still at risk of water leaks. This could be water ingress from outside or water coming from other points in the building and collecting in the lift pit as they are usually at one of the lowest points of the building.

The Solution

The AT-PROBE can be placed at the bottom of each riser or lift pit giving an early indication of any water that may be present. These can be connected to the range of alarm panels and can either be daisy chained on a single zone or one probe per zone for quicker identification of where the leak is occurring. For larger applications, where there are multiple risers, the digital system (TTDM) will identify which AT-PROBE has detected water.

Hydraulic lift pits would benefit from installing an AT-OPSEN as this can also detect hydraulic fluids that may leak from the lift’s mechanisms. The AT-OPSEN can also be monitored by any of the TraceTek or AquiTron alarm panels.


AT-PROBE fitted within the base of a riser or lift pit to detect water ingress.

Electrical riser protected with TT1000 water sensing cable

Electrical riser protected with TT1000 water sensing cable.


Sensors are available to detect water and hydraulic fluid in the base of lift pits.

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