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The Threat

Typical modern split AC systems use HCFC gases, such as R407C, R410A. Should there be a failure of any part of the system, there is a risk of refrigerant gas leaking into the atmosphere. Leaking systems are inefficient and more expensive to operate but also pose a health risk to occupants as refrigerant gas depletes oxygen and can in some cases cause suffocation.

The Solution

Installing a fixed point refrigerant gas leak detection system will monitor for potential leaks continuously and will give local audible/visual alarms.

The AT-G-SENSE is an unobtrusive stand-alone sensor that is typically mounted at low level in the bedroom (refrigerant gas is heavier than air). Also available is a remote sensor option which is mounted behind a decorative single gang fascia. This can be supplied with a custom finish to suit the décor of the room.
Sensors can be directly linked to a BMS or monitored by a central alarm panel (AT-GSC-16).

AT-G-SENSE refrigerant sensor fitted at low level in a hotel bedroom.

AT-G-SENSE remote sensor.

Chrome finished decorative single gang facia for AT-G-SENSE remote sensor.

Remote sensor

Remote sensor fitted at low level within an apartment bedroom.

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