System Components/Tools: TT-ZENER-BARRIER-KIT


TT-ZENER-BARRIER is a range of protective safety barriers for use when sensing cables need to be installed in hazardous Class 1 Divison 1 (or Zone 1) areas. The zener barrier is installed between the alarm module and the sensing cable. The safety barrier ensures that, even if the alarm module suffers a multiple failure, the energy transferred to the sensing cable (and thus to the hazardous area) will remain below explosive ignition levels, thus reducing the risk of fire or explosion.

Safety barriers for use with TraceTek sensing cables & probes sensors.

  • For use with all TraceTek sensing cables and probes sensors
  • For Intrinsic Safety Solutions (MTL)
  • Removable terminals for ease of installation
  • Dual channel (2 devices needed per TraceTek circuit)
  • Electronic fusing
  • IECEx Certified devices