Rainwater Outfall Chambers

Rainwater Outfall Chambers

The Threat

On a large petrochemical site such as storage facilities and refineries, rain water management is crucial for keeping bunds empty and ground water under control. If oil separators are unable to cope with large volumes of water or fail to filter out any hydrocarbon product, serious water pollution could follow.

The Solution

The TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor (TT-FFS) is able to detect hydrocarbons floating on the water surface in a bunded area or collecting in a sump. Response time is short enough to ensure quick closure of drain valves before fuel reaches a storm drain or surface channel.

Placing a sensor within the rain water outfall chamber will provide final monitoring of all the water being discharged from the site.

A variety of electronics to suit ATEX, SIL2 and Baseefa certification is available.

Rainwater Outfall Chambers

Ensuring all water leaving the site is free from any fuel contaminant is crucial.

Rainwater Outfall Chambers

TraceTek Fast Fuel Sensor “TT-FFS” is attached to a stainless steel float assembly within a rainwater outfall chamber.

Outside Tap

Detecting any Hydrocarbon fuels within a rainwater outfall chamber using a TT-FFS sensor.