The Threat

Within a laboratory where fuels, oils and chemicals are used there are many hazards especially from fluid processing equipment and supply and return piping which may be concealed within raised floors.

The Solution

TraceTek TT3000 sensing cable is designed to detect waste water, acids, bases or any liquids that are conductive. Rapid detection, accurate location reporting and excellent chemical resistance make TT3000 a popular choice for direct fixing to below a raised floor or within double containment pipe systems. This sensor can also be used when high levels of radiation are present.

For strong acids such as Nitric or Sulphuric at concentrations of 90% or higher, TT7000 sensing cable is better suited.

For fuel piping, above and below ground storage tank, TT5000 is used. It will detect all hydrocarbons but ignores water. Simple and complex piping circuits can all be monitored using a variety of electronics to suit ATEX, SIL2 and Baseefa certification.

Chemical pouring

TT3000 acid and aqueous chemical sensing cable installed within a laboratory.

Chem Tubes
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