Above Ground Pipeline / Transfer Pipes

Above Ground Pipeline / Transfer Pipes

The Threat

At oil terminals, refineries, storage facilities and ports around the world, tankers often unload their cargo of crude oil or refined fuels into small pipe systems that traverse or encroach on ecologically sensitive or populated areas.

Where operation is intermittent and pipeline lengths relatively short, traditional SCADA-based leak detection systems which rely on predictable constant flow rates are rendered ineffective. In fact even large leaks during off-loading may go completely undetected, compromising operator’s environmental responsibility and devastating the local ecology. The risk of explosions or fires can easily follow.

The Solution

TT5000-HUV sensing cable is designed to detect the first drips of fuel or oil (Liquid Hydrocarbon Leaks). The sensor is constructed with a black external polyester rope layer which is strapped to the bottom side of the above ground single wall fuel pipeline.

The densely braided polyester yarn exterior covering provides a very effective ultra violet (UV) shield protection for the sensor cable within.

A variety of electronics to suit ATEX, SIL2 and Baseefa certification is available.

TraceTek TT5000-HUV sensing cable attached to the bottom of a fuel transfer pipe to detect any leaks