TT1100-OHP Water Sensing Cable

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TT1100-OHP and TT1100-THIN Water Sensing Cable
TT1100-OHP Water Sensing Cable

  • Designed to attach to overhead pipes
  • Detects the presence of water at any point along its length.
  • Available in factory terminated lengths with pre installed connectors, 1, 3, 5, 7.5 and 15 metres
  • Can be monitored by both the TraceTek digital pin point location system and the AquiTron zonal panels

TraceTek TT1100–OHP sensor cable detects water leaks at any point along the cable length. TT1100–OHP is supplied with an absorptive synthetic fibre braid designed to wick water along the cable even when the water leak is dripping from a single small pin hole or crack. The fibre is selected to be rapid drying so that once the leak is located and repaired, the cable will quickly dry and be ready for re-use. TT1100–OHP is a distributed sensor that can be attached to the bottom of suspended piping with nylon tie–wraps. There is no need for a drip tray to bring water into contact with the sensor cable.

TT1100–OHP is available in bulk lengths or pre-terminated in standard lengths.

TT1100–OHP is compatible with all TraceTek instruments and software.

TT1100-OHP Datasheet
TT1100-Thin Datasheet
Installation Instructions
TraceTek Chemical Sensing List

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