Tea Point / Coffee / Vending Areas

Tea Point / Coffee / Vending Areas

The Threat

Tea points and vending areas are a risk as there are usually a number of water services supplied to a relatively small area. In most cases a tea point will only need covering if it is above or adjacent to a room that is a high risk such as a data centre, comms room or server room or if there are critical services below.

The Solution

The recommended method of leak detection is usually for a length of TT1000 to be installed under the kitchen units where the pipe work is located or in the floor void around the perimeter of the room. If it is a very small area that needs covering then it may be more cost effective to use a single AT-PROBE. For areas such as this the single zone alarm panel Eco-1 is usually adequate unless there are other areas that need covering, in which case a multi zone alarm or digital system (AT-MZA/TTDM) would be more appropriate.

View the application video on the Eco-1 and Eco-2 water leak detection systems for tea point and vending areas

Water sensing probe fitted within a kitchen cabinet behind a water heater.

TT1000 water sensing cable clipped to the floor below a tea point or breakout area.

Water sensing cable and probes installed within the raised floor below pipework.