Roof Top Plant Room / External Air Conditioning Plant

Roof Top Plant Room / External Air Conditioning Plant

The Threat

Locating air conditioning equipment in a roof top plant room may alleviate the threat to health and safety as potential refrigerant leaks are vented into the atmosphere. However, a leaking system still has cost implications because less gas equals inefficient operation.

The Solution

Installing a fixed point refrigerant gas leak detection system will monitor for potential leaks continuously and can give audible/visual alarm as well as the ability to connect to a BMS if available.

For external chillers, placing a sensor within the compressor compartment is recommended. IP rated sensor housings are also available if required.

Roof top mounted condensers fitted with refrigerant sensors to meet BREEAM requirement.

Roof mounted condensing unit with a refrigerant sensing installed within the compressor compartment.

IP66 refrigerant sensor with pitot tubes for monitoring the supply air from an AHU.