Risers / Lift Pits / Ducts

Risers / Lift Pits / Ducts

The Threat

In modern buildings, risers and ducts carry large amounts of refrigerant pipework serving multiple floors and rooms. If a leak occurs, gas can build up in the enclosed space to levels that could pose a threat to health and safety.

The Solution

Installing a fixed point refrigerant gas leak detection system will monitor for potential leaks continuously and can give audible/visual alarm as well as the ability to connect to a BMS if available.

Sensors are positioned at the base of a riser as refrigerant gas is heavier than air. Sensors can be stand-alone or multiple sensors can be linked to master panels for central monitoring.

AT-G-DETECT sensor fitted at low level within a mechanical pipe riser.

AT-G-DETECT sensor fitted at low level within a service duct.

AT-G-DETECT sensor fitted within the service riser of hotel bedrooms.