Network / Telecommunications Rooms / Server Room

Network / Telecommunications Rooms / Server Room

The Threat

With space being at a premium in commercial buildings, IT areas are becoming smaller but the amount of required equipment remains the same. Air conditioning is essential to maintain temperature and humidity. Typical modern split AC systems use HCFC gases, such as R407C, R410A. Should there be a failure of any part of the system, there is a risk of refrigerant gas leaking into the atmosphere. Leaking systems are inefficient and more expensive to operate but also pose a health risk to occupants as refrigerant gas depletes oxygen and can in some cases cause suffocation.

The Solution

Installing a fixed point refrigerant gas leak detection system will monitor for potential leaks continuously and can give audible/visual alarm as well as the ability to connect to a BMS if available.

Sensors are positioned close to primary sources of potential leaks e.g. near fan coil units, pipework joints, compressor compartments of condensing units or the base of pipework risers.

Sensors can be stand-alone or multiple sensors can be linked to master panels for central monitoring.

AT-G-DETECT fitted next to refrigerant pipes and joints to detect any leaks.

AT-G-SENSE fitted at low level to detect any leaks from ceiling mounted cassette ACU’s.

Refrigerant sensor fitted within the compressor compartment of the condensing unit.