Plant / HVAC / Generator Rooms

Plant / HVAC / Generator Rooms

The Threat

A plant room is usually where the incoming main for the building is situated, most of the pipe work is distributed from this room and this is usually where the water tanks or booster sets are located. There is a high risk of a water leak occurring in an area like this due to the amount of water services and processing equipment.

The Solution

Typically, most plant rooms are located in the basement and do not have a floor void. TT1000 is not usually recommended as this may become a trip hazard or be damaged. The AT-PROBE positioned underneath main sources of potential leaks, within bunded areas or placed around the perimeter of the room is the preferred solution.

Alternatively the TT1100 can be attached directly to any water pipework that needs monitoring. This is very similar to TT1000 but it has an overbraid that allows any water from the pipes to be caught by a wicking effect so that the leak can be detected.

Zonal panels are ideal as digital pinpoint location is not necessarily required for smaller areas.

AT-PROBES installed within a pump room to monitor for leaks and floods.

Water sensing probe fixed below water vessel and pipes.

TT1000 water sensing cable clipped to a concrete floor in plant room.