Network / Telecommunications Rooms / Server Room

Network / Telecommunications Rooms / Server Room

The Threat

Smaller server rooms and comms rooms, although not on the same scale as a data centre or main equipment room, are still at risk of water leaks. There will be air conditioning units in order to maintain the temperature of the room and the equipment in most server or comms rooms of all sizes.

One of the main risks in smaller server or comms rooms is that they are rarely manned and therefore if a leak does occur it is unlikely that it will be spotted immediately by a member of staff.

The Solution

Smaller rooms, although critical to operations, do not necessarily require a digital pinpoint location or to be part of a large leak detection network. They can be monitored by installing a single or multi zone alarm panel, providing immediate notification of a water leak.

TT1000 sensor cable is designed to work on flat surfaces and is installed directly on the concrete slab beneath all data and power cabling. This cable is very versatile and can go around the perimeter of the room, serpentine through the centre of the room or even be placed in drip trays at high or low level.

Any services located above the computer equipment also can be covered. TraceTek TT1100-OHP has been specifically designed for installing to the underside of overhead pipework, or, if drip trays have been installed, either TT1000 or the AT-PROBE can be installed in the tray.

TT1000 water sensing cable installed within a raised floor in front of down blow ACU’s.

TTSIM controller monitoring TT1000 water sensing cable within a raised floor.

TT1000 water sensing cable clipped to the slab within a raised floor.