MRI Scanner Room

  • MRI Machine

MRI Scanner Room

The Threat

Containing expensive computers and machinery and often cooled with air conditioning or direct water cooling, a potential leak can cause extensive damage and disruption.

The Solution

To install TT1000 leak detection cable around the perimeter of the room so that the presence of water can be detected immediately and damage can be prevented.

Alternatively, TT1100-OHP can be directly attached underneath of all the pipework in the area. For small areas a single zone alarm panel is usually adequate as a leak can be spotted quickly, however if there are other areas that need covering, a multi zone alarm or digital system (AT-MZA/ TTDM) would be more appropriate.

TT1000 sensing cable

TT1000 water sensing cable fitted within the raised floor of a MRI room.

Overhead suspended pipework protected with TT1000 sensing cable.

TT1100 attached to overhead water pipes within a ceiling void.

MRI scanner room

TT1000 installed within a drip tray in a ceiling void.

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