Mechanical / Electrical Equipment Rooms

Mechanical / Electrical Equipment Rooms

The Threat

Electrical equipment rooms do not always have air conditioning units. However there are other risks, such as over head pipe work or adjoining wet rooms such as toilets or showers. In this case there could be a leak from above or adjacent that would not necessarily be noticed quickly as typically these rooms are also unmanned.

The Solution

Any water leaking from the overhead pipework or surrounding wet rooms can be picked up immediately by our single zone system. The AT-SZA is ideal for smaller applications, where digital pinpoint location is not necessary.

TT1000 sensor cable is designed to work on flat surfaces and is installed directly on the concrete slab beneath all data and power cabling. This cable is very versatile and can go around the perimeter of the room, serpentine through the centre of the room or even be placed in drip trays at high or low level.

Any services located above the computer equipment also can be covered. TraceTek TT1100-OHP has been specifically designed for installing to the underside of overhead pipework, or, if drip trays have been installed, either TT1000 or the AT-PROBE can be installed in the tray.

Overhead suspended pipework protected with TT1000 water sensing cable.

Electrical control panels and pipework protected with floor mounted sensing probes.

Water sensing within M&E plant room.