Data Centres / Computer Rooms

Data Centres / Computer Rooms

The devastation of water leaks in unoccupied commercial properties is unthinkable. A hidden burst pipe or water leak is a real challenge and can quickly turn into an expensive problem – especially when left unidentified for long periods.

A professionally designed and installed leak detection alarm system gives total peace of mind. Aquilar offer a range of wireless and wired systems with its AquiTron, AquiWave or TraceTek products. 

Our probe sensors or sensing cables placed under a pipe or tank can instantly detect a water leak, activating an alarm or shut-off valve, limiting the disruption and cost.

The Threat

Server facilities are the nerve centres for most modern businesses. Racked equipment generates a large amount of heat and in order to prevent equipment failures, the heat must be extracted. Heat extraction is the role of the HVAC equipment and chilled water pumped into and out of the facility is the primary heat extraction medium. However water and electronics do not mix.

Water accumulating on the floor or water dripping from overhead piping can and does interrupt server operations. Early detection of any water leakage can get maintenance on scene in time to deal with the threat. Raised floor facilities are even more vulnerable because leakage is concealed.

A water leak in a visible area might be noticed by employees but if the leak occurs beneath raised floors, the first alarm may occur when a critical system shuts down or water begins to rise through the structural floor or drip to lower levels in the building.

The Solution

Any water leaking from HVAC units, chilled water fittings or backed up drains can be detected immediately with the digital system (TTDM/TT-SIM) which can pinpoint the location of the leak to + or – one metre. This system is specifically designed to cover up to 1500m of sensing cable and so is ideal for large data centres.

TT1000 sensor cable is designed to work on flat surfaces and is installed directly on the concrete slab beneath all data and power cabling. This cable is very versatile and can go around the perimeter of the room, serpentine through the centre of the room or even be placed in drip trays or within bunds.

Any services located above the computer equipment can also be covered. TraceTek TT1100-OHP has been specifically designed for installing to the underside of overhead pipework, or, if drip trays have been installed, either TT1000 or the AT-PROBE can be installed in the tray.

Overhead suspended pipework protected with TT1000 sensing cable.

Overhead suspended pipework protected with TT1000 sensing cable.

TT1000 water sensing cable installed within a raised floor covering CRAC units and flow & return pipework.

TT1000 water sensing cable clipped to the slab within a raised floor.