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  • 14 January 2021

    Do you have a burning question that requires a rapid response? Head over to the Aquilar website at to chat live with the team.

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  • 11 January 2021

    Aquilar Ltd have recently been able to provide one of its specialist partner installers, Diamond Controls Ltd, with valuable hands-on training of its wireless and wired leak detection systems.

    There is still a need for practical, hands-on training in this time of social distancing along with the online approach.

    The ability to ‘plug & play’ to see Aquilar products first-hand improves the whole learning experience.

    Find out more about Aquilar leak detection products at or call us on 01403 216100.

  • 11 January 2021

    The devastation of water leaks in unoccupied commercial properties, restaurants, retail outlets or offices is unthinkable. During recent restrictions, many buildings have been left empty.

    A hidden burst pipe or water leak is a real challenge and can quickly turn into an expensive problem – especially when left unidentified for long periods.

    A professionally designed and installed leak detection alarm system gives total peace of mind. Aquilar offer a range of wireless and wired systems with its AquiTron, AquiWave or TraceTek products.

    Our probe sensors or sensing cables placed under a pipe or tank can instantly detect a water leak, activating an alarm or shut-off valve, limiting the disruption and cost.

    Find out more at or call us on 01403 216100.

  • 10 January 2021

    Water damage to flats is a costly nightmare – don’t get left high and dry!

    Leaks are expensive, inconvenient and time consuming. Minimise impact and damage by installing an Aquilar leak detection system within your property and find leaks before they find you!

    Find out how to prevent water damage at where you can also read an article by FlatLiving which previously featured details on the AquiTron system.

    Find out more about the wide range of leak detection solutions from Aquilar at or call 01403 216100.

  • 15 December 2020

    Have you seen how quick the AquiTron AT-OPSEN multi-liquid sensor detects liquids such as fuel, diesel, oil, coolant and water before quickly resetting? Typical applications for leak detection in generators, gensets and bulk storage fuel tank rooms.

    Find out more at or call us on 01403 216100.

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  • 1 December 2020

    A simple Q&A on air conditioning gas leaks

    Q: How do you know your air conditioning system has a leak when you can’t smell or see a refrigerant gas?
    A: There is no cooling or heating if it’s a heat pump system

    Q: Is there a danger to life from a refrigerant gas leak?
    A: Yes – it reduces the oxygen in the room, especially if the concentration level is high enough

    Q: How do I protect occupants and personnel in my office, hotel room or apartment?
    A: Install an AquiTron AT-G-ALERT refrigerant gas leak detection that meets many industry standards for protection

    See more at or call us on 01403 216100

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  • 1 December 2020

    Generator leak detection – what to do?

    Many organisations protect electrical and IT infrastructure by installing generators in case of a power outage.

    Our range of AquiTron and TraceTek diesel fuel and water leak detection systems use an optical fuel, oil and water sensor with a single or multiple-channel alarm panel.

    Systems are designed to detect diesel leaks from the generator fuel pipework, day storage tank, feed supply pipework to the generator or coolant used within the generator. One or two fo our AquiTron OPSEN sensors placed under a genset can detect a diesel or coolant leak in seconds avoiding disaster – especially when you are reliant on the generator being your main power supply back-up.

    Alarm panels and sensors can be directly linked to the BMS or remote alarm system to quickly advise maintenance teams of a leak. They can also be linked to a shut-off fuel solenoid valve.

    TraceTek sensing cables are also available for internal and external piping. They will detect the smallest of leaks to avoid an environmental disaster or fire risk.

    Find out more at or call us on 01403 216100

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  • 27 November 2020

    Vending machine and tea point areas are susceptible to #waterleaks which can cause damage and disruption in your premises. Don’t let a drip or a small leak develop into something more disastrous.

    Eco-1 is a single-channel alarm kit that is ideally suited for these smaller areas. We are able to arrange supply and installation through our network of specialist installers.

    Aquilar are leading specialists in the manufacture and supply of leak detection equipment including liquid sensing probes and cables that can trace the smallest leak, triggering an alarm for early identification of any problem.

    Find out more at:

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  • Bloodhound LSR on TV 5 November 2020

    Bloodhound LSR: Prime-Time Documentary

    Aquilar are proud that its liquid leak detection system was installed within Bloodhound LSR for high speed testing in Hakskeen Pan in South Africa during October 2019.

    There will be a prime-time documentary detailing Bloodhound’s successful 628mph (1010km/h) High Speed Testing campaign scheduled to air on Channel 4 at 6pm on Saturday 14th November.

    Building The World’s Fastest Car, the hour-long programme follows the team’s fortunes as they deployed to the Kalahari Desert in South Africa for six weeks in autumn 2019.

    Filmed on the Hakskeenpan desert, the programme charts the highs and lows as the team attempts to run the car on the desert racetrack, building speeds, and learning about the destructive impact of supersonic airflow, ahead of a concerted attempt to break the World Land Speed Record.

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  • AquiWave leak detection products 16 October 2020

    First AquiWave wireless water leak detection systems professionally installed & maintained

    Aquilar are pleased to announce the first two AquiWave wireless water leak detection systems have been installed by its specialist partner, Diamond Controls, who had previously undergone training with us and receive ongoing technical support as the first systems were installed.

    The training enabled their team to carry out the wireless survey necessary to determine the best water sensor, transmitter and repeater panel locations.

    Diamond Controls have recently mentioned this in a recent news article:

    News feature excerpt:

    The Aquilar AquiWave wireless leak detection is proving popular for many clients who are looking to have a leak detection system installed without undertaking renovation work on their premises.

    Many of the systems we fit at Diamond Controls are installed within the existing fabrics of a building where the introduction of a wireless panel can be of benefit. It is especially useful for premises where it is not viable to have a traditional wired installation.

    Get in touch:

    If you are looking for either a wireless or wired water leak detection system get in contact with either ourselves or Diamond Controls at

  • Gas leak selector 14 August 2020

    Useful new gas selector filter for refrigerant leak detection products

    We now have a new easy way to select AquiTron refrigerant gas leak detection products using our new ‘Gas Selector’ filter tool. If you are unsure what refrigerant gas product you need, this filtering tool will be able to help. The filters will select the refrigerant gas sensor for either commercial or residential applications depending on the type of gas you select.

    Find out more about our refrigerant leak detection products here:

    Take a look at our new gas selector here:

  • WRAS-approved products at Aquilar 11 August 2020

    Aquilar Ltd is pleased to announce the extension of its range of WRAS-approved AquiTron valves (also known as electrically-operated water shut-off valves) for use with its water leak detection systems.

    Find out more here:

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  • AT-MGS-400 Series Gas Detectors 18 June 2020

    Aquilar releases AquiTron AT-MGS-400 Gas Detection Series of sensors and control panels. A complete leak detection solution for safety compliance in air conditioning and refrigeration applications.

    See more at:

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  • 3 March 2020

    Here is our stand at Futurebuild, London Excel. Visit us on stand D25 between 3-5 March. We are displaying the latest technology in leak detection for water, fuels and refrigerant gas.

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  • Aquilar - 20 years of providing industry-leading leak detection solutions 10 February 2020

    2020: 20 Years of Leak Detection Solutions

    The last two decades have seen Aquilar Ltd establish itself as a market leader in the leak detection arena as well as becoming the leading partner for TraceTek and continually developing new products.

    Read more:

  • CIREG logo 29 January 2020

    The Construction Insurance Risk Engineers Group (CIREG) have released advice on the mitigation of escape of water risks on buildings undergoing construction and refurbishment during design and construction phases.

    Read more and see which Aquilar leak detection products/systems and detect and prevent such leaks:

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  • Leak detection guides - commercial, residential and hydrocarbon fuel leak 23 January 2020

    New leak detection guides for residential and commercial properties and fuel storage facilities:

    Three new leak detection leaflets are available outlining application from successful projects for commercial and residential buildings plus six different applications associated with fuel storage and refineries within the industrial sector.

    Find out more and download them at

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